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People often assume the older you get, the more knowledge you gain. However, in the world of technology, I feel as though it is the opposite. Because children today are growing up with technology, they are becoming more advanced in using it than older generations. To older generations, new technology such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops are

Constant Technology

challenging for them to use and figure out. Children of today’s world are growing up with technology and some even begin using it starting at the age of one. To them, technology is all they know so it is easy for them to adapt and learn. Our current technology creates a new way of living and will continue to advance in the future.

Sherry Turtle is the author of the book called Alone Together. Within this book, she discusses the different views of technology today and how others use it.

According to Turkle, “People love their new technologies of connection. They have made parents and children feel more secure and have revolutionized business, education, scholarship, and medicine.”

Personally, I agree with Turkle in the sense that technology today is convenient and makes getting in contact with others easier than ever. Turkle gave the example of reaching out to a friend, by text, to let them know she is thinking about them even if they do not have time to respond. This digital world allows people to communicate without having to dial the phone or write a letter.

On the other hand, Turkle raises the issue that too much technology usage could prevent us from taking chances or risking social skills.

She states “With sociable robots we are alone but receive the signals that tell us we are together. Networked, we are together, but so lessened are our expectations of each other that we feel utterly alone. And there is the risk that we come to see others as objects to be accessed– and only for the parts we find useful, comforting, and amusing. Once we remove ourselves from the flow of ¬†physical, messy, untidy life– and both robotics and networked life to do that– we become less willing to get out there and take a chance.”

After reading this statement, it allowed me to think about my future as an educator and how technology will effect my classroom and students. Will technology become so advanced that students will lose all social skills? What if one day the physical classroom becomes extinct and it becomes a virtual classroom for children to be taught online? If we, as a society, become constantly connected to technology these are some problems or challenges we, as educators, might run into in the future.


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