Before exploring the world of listicles, I had no idea what they were. To me, it sounds like it would be some type of song lyrics. However, after viewing various forms and examples of listicles, I realized I do know what they are, I just never knew what they were called.

While reading an article on Thought Bubble, by Nyree Mckenzie, who is the owner of Thought Bubble, it states that listicles have been around for years, however, I feel as though listicles are perfect for this generation because they are short, sweet, and to the point. Now-a-days, no one feels like reading a long, drawn out article if they don’t have to. It is preferred to see visuals and have a brief description.

Buzzfeed is a website in which various listicles and articles can be found. It is flooding with entertaining listicles such as Here’s Everything You Need To Know To Actually Lose Body Fat, 34 Times the Kardashians Were Almost Too Kardashian, and Which Reality TV Show Would You Star On Based On Three Questions. These listicles are all titled with typical “pull ins” to make a reader interested in reading their piece. One can also find listicles in magazines, social media, or even on street advertisements.

The home of listicles

 According to Nyree McKenzie, “Listicles are as old as the 1o Commandments and commercially, we are no strangers to ‘listicles’ either. In the print world, magazine covers vying for the checkout impulse purchase played on our yearning to know ‘5 things he will never tell you’; who’s on the ‘BRW’s richest 200′ or the ’10 must-have items you need in your wardrobe’.”

Listicles are not only entertaining to read, but they also create their own genre based on their unique style and format. Listicles typically have an intriguing title to grab the readers’ attention. I have created two listicles using Buzz Feed in the “count down” format.

Listicles on Buzzfeed

Listicles are a way of sharing information and articles within a creative genre. Like the listicle that I have created, it follows certain conventions and constraints in which readers can enjoy this style of writing.

Nyree Mckenzie states, “In the online and mobile world, listicles are equally loved as much for their condensed, cut to the chase information as they are accused of promoting lazy journalism for the semi-illiterate news biter.”

Every listicle follows this format of having short and to the point information which is why they form their own genre of inviting and friendly reading for viewers.


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